Episode 075: Mourning for Orlando

We might not be the most articulate or the most eloquent, which might not be a great quality for podcasters, but we just didn’t think it would be right to not say anything at all about the attack in Orlando that targeted LGBT people of color at Pulse. Below we’re sharing some of our favorite articles and posts from Facebook and Twitter that do a far better job expressing all of our emotions.

Also Jason talks about Awesomecon and Jaisyn shares more of his mom’s cookies while Jason tries to guess the flavors.

White Horse, Memory Palace Podcast

What it Costs to be Gay in Public

What Parents of Straight Kids Will Never Understand About Orlando

Now This Video (Facebook)

Why Shouldn’t Orlando be Politicized, by Vox (Facebook)

26 Things Queer People Actually Want to Hear After Orlando

PFLAG Prince William County’s response to the attack in Orlando

Jeremy Moss’ Tweet

Awesome Con

Dice Rings

Tweets and Facebook posts about Orlando

Jason's Awesomecon Pictures

Episode 074: Board Game Cosmopolitan


Where have we been the past four+ weeks? Might want to ask Jaisyn! We’re recapping Jason’s Mother’s Day Makeover Contest and playing Kodama and Daxu! Plus PR at Partners award show, wedding hair, and drawing class!

Mother's Day Makeover Pictures
PR at Partners Bristow
Blush Bridal Boutique
Safari Bingo
Time Stories
Marcy Case
Prophecy of Dragons
Candy Factory (Center for the Arts in Manassas)
Vertical Rock
Board game questions

Episode 068: Watches and Goggles

Happy new year! We're catching up on the past few weeks sharing Christmas and New Year's stories. Hear about home movies, Niya, Twinkies, and a BFF Quiz.

Links from this episode:

Until Dawn

Twinkie, Deconstructed

Johnny Cupcakes Watch

Elder Scrolls Online

League of Legends

Euro Truck Simulator


Sailor Mars

Samsung Goggles

BFF Quiz

Episode 067: The Legwarmers

Don't judge my blurry picture. Just go see them in person!

Don't judge my blurry picture. Just go see them in person!

It’s our last episode of the year! We’re exchanging Christmas gifts! Plus Jason is having #firstworldproblems (but really when isn’t he?), Jaisyn’s hair extensions story part 2, the Legwarmers, jello shot techniques, laser tag, board games, and more!

Links from this episode:

Adele is Everywhere

The Legwarmers

The State Theater

Laser Quest, Woodbridge, VA


El Tio Gainesville

The Board Geek

Zombie Dice

Forbidden Island

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament

BFF mug

Episode 066: 40 minutes of drinking tea

Does your Grandma throw shade? Find out who's throwing shade, what games Jaisyn has been playing, who went black Friday shopping, and why decorating for Christmas is starting to lose it's magic. Also Jaisyn's getting extensions.

Links from this episode:
Grandma shade on twitter
Thanksgiving Food (Sauerkraut??)
uHaul famous
Fallout 4
Witcher 3
Jem and the Holograms the movie

Episode 062: #uhaulfamous

What happens when the A La Mode boys move house? Lots of eating and instagrams of course! Find out more plus NoH8 photos, card games, cupcakes, and more!

Links from this episode:

NoH8 Campaign

Exploding Kittens



Jason and Jaisyn talk about Tokaido - a tabletop board game that takes you on a journey through Japan! Also Jason's new suit, how people walk, more cereal, baking and cooking classes, a wedding, and the Las Vegas TIGI hair show.

Links from today's episode:

Labyrinth store in DC



A Brown Table's Easy South Indian Chicken Curry

Bindhya's Naan


Junk food episode

Episode 060: 3 Weeks

What can happen in three weeks? A lot apparently! Jason and Jaisyn talk about bowling, making tea, the latest food blogger happy hour at Beuchert's Saloon, best friends living near each other, apartment hunting, a store that sells all the board games Jason dreams about, lip syncing, and rumors of a new iPhone.

Breville Tea Machine

Zhena's Gypsy Tea

Bestie Row

Beuchert's Saloon


Arkham Horror board game

Tokaido board game

Episode 059: Fire and Ice

Black bean burger from Smashburger!

Black bean burger from Smashburger!

Jaisyn talks about using heat to treat your hair - from warm olive oil to velaterapia (using a candle flame to seal split ends).  Jason talks ice cream and breakfast cereals.  Plus Instagram, slang words in the dictionary, home design trends, social media, face baking, and clown contouring.

Links from this episode:

Jason's mug warmer

An example of ice cream made with a French style base (creme anglais)

An example of ice made with an American style base

Olive oil hair treatment

Face baking your make up

Clown Contouring

Julian's in Providence, RI

Hair Candling (candle hair cutting)

Episode 58: 3D Printing Meets Etsy

Jason says it reminds him of a golden parmesan crisp. Jason is always hungry.

Jason says it reminds him of a golden parmesan crisp. Jason is always hungry.

Ever wanted to order something that was 3D printed? Jaisyn introduces us to the magic of Shapeways - an Etsy-like site that gives designers an opportunity to sell their designs after being 3D printed! Jaisyn highlights Sabela Sánchez and Carlos Alonso in his designer spotlight section and just loves their ‘Lines’ designs. 

Jason talks about hard and soft water and how it affects your baking, cooking, tea, and other things around your house. Plus July 4th and what all optimistic people have in common.

Nick's Hair Competition - TIGI Inspirational Youth Competition

Optimistic people have one thing in common

Shapeways: Sabela Sánchez and Carlos Alonso

Wiki Hard water
Hard water article
Hard water in the Chicago Tribune
Hard water in baked goods
Hard water on NIH
Cooking with hard water
Hard water on She Knows
Hard water and coffee and tea